Fumie Takanashi

  • Title Associate Professor
  • Department International Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Course Agricultural Economics Course
  • Research Field Food and Agricultural Economics
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I have started in my job at Food and Agricultural Economics Course since 2014. My teaching activities will mainly focus on Global Food Distribution and Local Food system. 

Besides my own specific research topics as follows, I am always interested in exploring new them within the broader domain where rural development. 

Research Theme

My main academic concern is in food system and rural development area, especially vegetable and fruits distribution system in developing countries. South east Asia (especially Vietnam) is the region where I have done most of my own field work, but shot stays in US and EU, and interviewing with Japanese farmers have gave me the significance of comparative research. 


Education & Appointments

MSc of Agriculture, KAGOSHIMA University (2005)

Ph.D of Agriculture, KAGOSHIMA University (2009)


2009-2011 Post-doctoral Fellow (HOKKAIDO University)

2011-2014 Specially appointed Lecturer (HIROSHIMA University)

2014-present Associate Professor (HIROSAKI University)


Fumie TAKANASHI and Hiroshi SAKAZUME, Characteristics of Chinese Market Oriented vegetable production area in Vietnam, Food and Environmental Economics 68-2;1-10, 2017 (in Japanese)

Sakazume Hiroshi and Takanashi Fumie, Supermarket chain expansion in the Chugoku-Shikoku region and their procurement system in vegetables and fruits, Agricultural marketing journal of Japan 24-4;22-31, 2016

TAKANASHI Fumie; Business Activities of “Transformed” Agricultural Cooperatives and their Role in Supporting Local Agriculture in Northern Vietnam, IJERD 6-2;95-101, 2015

TAKANASHI Fumie, Internediate Organization in Food system of Safe vegetable in Hanoi, Mariko A. edu. Organization and Economics in Rural Vietnam, Hirosaki uUniversity Press, 2015 (in Japanese)

YANO I., TAKANASHI F. and OKAZAKI M., Issues Regarding School Meal Systems in Elementary School Education in Northern Vietnam, Agricultural marketing journal of Japan 23-1; 59-66, 2014 (in Japanese)

Nguyen Thi Thuy, F. Takanashi, K. Tsuji, I. Iwamoto, Effects of Temporary Migration on Rural Households in the Red River Delta of Vietnam, Agricultural Marketing Journal of Japan 22-4;47-54, 2014

Tran Minh Hai, F. Takanashi, K. Tsuji, I. Iwamoto, Current status of Agricultural Cooperatives in Mekong Delta, Viet Nam, Agricultural Marketing Journal of Japan, 22-1;67-74, 2013


7 undergraduates (3 juniors and 4 seniors) and 1 Ph.D candidate participate in our seminar. Group study concerning food economics and rural development, field research in neighboring rural area and Vietnam are main activities.


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Fumie Takanashi