Takeyuki Nakamura

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  • Department The Shirakami Research Center for Environmental Sciences
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  • Research Field Living organisms diversity/classification Form/structure
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Despite 260 years of effort of taxonomy, the species diversity of insects remains still obscure. Even in your back yard, you will easily find small insects scientifically unnamed. Before further researches or preservation of endangered species, we need to define and name these species, so to be recognized in the public.  

Taxonomy is the science to investigate the diversity of life directly. I study taxonomy of insects (Diptera and Mecoptera), mainly using morphological technique.

Let’s investigate the diversity and profundity of the life together. 

Research Theme

[Taxonomy of Diptera and Mecoptera] I investigate faunae of Diptera (Nematocera) and Mecoptera in the temperate Asia, Russia and North America (Fig. 1, 2). 

[Insect diversity of the subnivean zoon] Some insects live in the small and dark spaces below snow cover through winter. Such spaces are called subnivean zone. I have been investigating the subnivean insect faunae in the heavy snow areas of Hokkaido and Honshu (Fig. 3).

[Cataloging Japanese insects] As a project of the Entomological Society of Japan, I have been engaged in cataloging the Japanese insects.

[caption id="attachment_8846" align="aligncenter" width="440"]fig.1 collecting in field fig.1 collecting in field[/caption] [caption id="attachment_8847" align="aligncenter" width="440"]fig.2 Scorpionflies, Mecoptera fig.2 Scorpionflies, Mecoptera[/caption] [caption id="attachment_8848" align="aligncenter" width="440"]fig.3 Investigating subnivean fauna fig.3 Investigating subnivean fauna[/caption]

Education & Appointments

1999–2010 Tochigi Prefectural Museum (Utsunomiya) culator/entomology.

2010–  The Shirakami Institute for Environmental Sciences, Hirosaki University.


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Takeyuki Nakamura